Host events so good no one leaves after the keynote

Airpanel is an online events platform that combines video keynotes with audio-first breakout sessions for longer-lasting, more authentic conversations.

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A platform designed for connection

Whether it's a 100-person meetup for academics or a 10,000-person annual conference, Airpanel lets your attendees enjoy the content you've created for them, move through rooms freely, and interact with each other in our audio-first breakout rooms.

  • Host events of any size
  • Stream event speakers live
  • Create audio-first breakout rooms
  • Live event chat
  • And much more!
Great features

Why use Airpanel?

Host your best events yet with Airpanel.


Quick & easy setup

Airpanel is super easy to use. You can create your next event in just 3 clicks.


No downloads required

No need to download or install any new software on your computer. Simply get started right in the browser.


Real social interactions

With audio-first breakout rooms, conversations feel more authentic and less focused on making eye contact through the web cam.


Handles events at all scales

Airpanel can handle any event size: big or small. From 50 attendees to over 5,000 attendees.


More sponsor visibility

On Airpanel, sponsors won’t get shoved into a corner that no one will visit. They’ll be visible on the main stage and breakout sessions.


Less lagging & data-usage

Expect smooth, lag-free events. Airpanel uses less data and energy so your computer won’t sounds like a jet engine the whole time.

Simple pricing

Airpanel has fixed rate pricing that is easy to understand.

For small events
  • Up to 100 attendees
  • 10 sponsors
  • Up to 10 breakout rooms
  • Unlimited sponsor branding
What's included
  • Up to 250 attendees
  • 20 sponsors
  • Up to 20 breakout rooms
  • Unlimited sponsor branding
For limiteless events
  • 1000+ attendees
  • 30+ keynote speeches
  • 100+ breakout rooms
  • Unlimited sponsor branding

Host your best event yet.